Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Oats and molasses bread.

Last week I made another change in our day to day life. To reduce the amount of waste and plastic that we use and produce I stopped buying bread, from now on we will have home made bread or if I'm in a hurry I will get bread from farmers market and use my own cotton bag, which I will sew this week. The zero waste life style is taking some time but I'm sticking with it and going forward and baby step at the time, and I love it. These days I take time to think what we really need, and I prepare for shopping, meaning I make sure I have clean jars, my own bags for produce and I don't buy anything that I can make at home or get in a bulk store or farmers market. 
On the weekend I made oats and molasses bread from " The Complete Canadian Living Baking Book" Its a darker bread but it was so good. I have few books with bread recipes and I will definitely use them and try different bread every time.

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