Monday, August 10, 2015


My two girls share a room so when we were buying a bed it had to be double (two beds in one). So we got this nice white wood bed from ikea where the second bed was hiding underneath, it had wheels and every night and morning we had to pull it out and push it in. After few years the wheels broke of and the bed frame on top and bottom was falling apart so we went shopping for better bed. This time we got bunk bed and it works perfect. The old bed was all wood or so we were told, the only wood part we found while taking it apart was the rows of boards under the mattresses so we kept it for future projects and the rest went to recycling. It didn't take long to find something that we could do with those boards. I thought that it would be nice to have more shelves in the kitchen so my husband got on it, we got brackets and the the wood from the bed and now I have three extra shelves.  


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