Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This time of the year all I work with is jars, there are jams, apple and tomato sauces and pickles. How I love pickles its my favorite snack. My pickles are done the way my Mom did, I use garlic, horse radish, dill heads and salted water. First I soak my cucumbers in cold water for few hours, while they are soaking I boil water with pickling salt and let it cool, wash my jars and let them air dry. In every jar on the bottom I put two cloves of garlic, two pieces of horse radish and one dill head then arrange cucumbers, put more garlic and horse radish and another dill head, fill the jars with cold, previously boiled, salted water, dry the tops of the jars and close it. In few days they are ready for snacking. At that point I put few jars in the fridge so they stop pickling and stay more crunchy. Because my pantry space is limited I make about 15 jars (1L each) and about five is eaten before the summer ends.



  1. I just came across your blog. Never realize one could grow so many vegetables on a deck. I've had flowers before, tho. Now I live in a senior independent apartment in the Pacific NW in Washington State. This place does not have a deck and I miss it horribly. If I ever have a chance to move I know what I want to do. I do bake and your scone recipe is a lot like mine. I will be making some jam, tho. Well done!