Monday, June 19, 2017


Finally I can relax; I started working outside my home in September with the hope of bringing an extra income. I was so excited for a new adventure, after 9 years at home, meeting new people and just getting out into the world. The best part of it was that it was 10 minutes walk so I didn't have to spend hours in public transit, I could work while my kids were in school and I was the supervisor. The beginning was great and slowly everything went down. The job got really stressful, the manager was impossible to work with and the physical aspect of it got to hard. My house became messy, my little one is so behind in her school work that I don't know if we ever catch up, my sewing business is out of half of my products with no time to sew anything and my blogs: well whoever visits me knows I haven't bin here that often, my work towards simple life almost completely stopped and that's when I realized that the amount of money that I was bringing home was not worth it. After discussion with my family we decided that it was much better when I was home, my husband will focus on working and bringing the income and I will go back to taking care of the home and family. So today is my first day out of work and I feel great, I am ready to get back to homemaking, cleaning, cooking and baking. The biggest upside of me being home is that I can focus on simple life, so here goes take two on simple life in big city. I hope that visitors didn't forget about me and still will visit me and leave some comments and I will try my best to be here often with new pictures and posts.



  1. Welcome home Ivona and nice to meet you. I have been employed when I really needed to be but me being at home full time suits me best and suits our family best.
    I put your blog on my sidebar and I'll be back soon to read more 😄

  2. I so relate to this! I have also been mostly at home for years and decided I needed an adventure - ten minutes' walk from home. I liked the woman I was working with but as you said, my little home life started to fall apart for a very little more money. Luckily my husband pointed out that he doesn't care if I never work and preferred me running the house, so I quit. It is such a relief! I trust you will find that, as well.

  3. My husband likes for me to be home too. There's a lot to be done at home. Welcome back!! Enjoy getting back into your home routine!