Monday, June 26, 2017

Our tree.

When we moved in about 9 years ago there were 6 trees between our building and the next one. It was great in the summer when they all were green and full of animals, on daily basis we saw raccoons, hawks, blue jays and cardinals. Sometimes it was better to sit on our balcony then watch the animal channel. Few years ago the owners of one half of the house started to renovate and so 4 trees went, we had a hard time with them being cut down but couldn't do anything. As long as we still had the biggest and closest tree, we were fine. Then the house got rented and the renovation of the other half began. Right away the smaller tree was cut down and we began to fear that one day our tree will be gone too. It was so great to wake up in the morning and the first thing you see thru the window was green branches, our cat loved to sit on the window and watch the birds and the birds were sounding an alarm because of the cat, there were raccoons sleeping in the tree and hawks eating their meals. We were hoping that maybe this tree will be spared but this weekend our worst fear became a reality, the tree was cut down and now there is no trees, the only green thing is my garden.  



  1. That is really too bad. Maybe the owners will plant some other trees when they are done with the building work.