Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Last day of school.

Today is last the day of school for my little one. She is so exited about the summer vacation, sleeping in and having fun by the water but most of all no school. She is not the biggest fan of school and I can see that on her report card. She is smart and knows things but she gets distracted very easily and when you are in a class of 20 eight year olds its hard to focus on your work. Sometimes I wish I could home school her but the reality is different. I still do some extra school work with her at home everyday, that is how I know she is where she she should be so I don't panic after receiving the report card.

We live in a big city and on the way to school we see all sorts of  stuff like traffic, garbage and stuff left on the grass by irresponsible pet owners, but I like to focus my attention on the nice things we see, like flowers and birds. Here are just few things we look at on the way to school. 


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