Monday, February 22, 2016


I always had many plants at home but since we got our cat I had to move everything to the window because he loves to nibble on the leaves and dig in the dirt. He has little space on the window right by my plant where he likes to sit and for a long time now I noticed that he is no more interested in my plants so I decided to try putting few in the living room. I brought a table from my balcony and put some containers on and… it lasted two days; so I’m back to window only.  

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  1. Our animals can be such monkeys! :-)
    You commented on my post about doing your own framing - how did you learn? Do you lace the pieces traditionally? Did you take a framing class? I really hate the expense, but I do love how it looks and would really like to learn how to do it myself but have always been afraid that I would do a terrible job... I can do everything else so I'm not sure why I hesitate.