Monday, July 3, 2017

Canada Day.

On Saturday we celebrated Canada 150 birthday. There were lots of events happening all around the city and most of them were free, which is great when you need to stay on budget, we decided to go to the museum because there was a great new exhibit about the blue whale. It was really interesting and my kids loved it. In the evening we went to the lake to see fireworks. 

Waiting in line to the museum, we came about an hour before they open and the line was really long, but we came with books so the waiting time wasn't so bad.

You can't imagine how big is the whale until you see it.

Listening to the sounds of different whales, some of them were really funny.

Real whale heart. 

Evening at the lake.

Fireworks from the CN Tower.


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  1. How cool!! That whale heart looks pretty complicated with all its openings! Happy Birthday Canada!