Friday, May 20, 2016

Crepes #2.

Before Easter I wrote about crepes and the cheese filling that I make. Here is another filling that goes back to my childhood: sauerkraut and mushrooms.

You will need:
- crepes,
- jar of sauerkraut ( I use one mixed with carrots),
- cut and cooked mushrooms,
- 1 small fried onion,
- 1egg,
- 1tbsp milk,
- breadcrumbs,
- butter for frying.

1. Rinse the sauerkraut with cold water, squeeze out as much liquid as possible and chop it in small pieces,

2. In food processor chop the fried onions and mushrooms,

3.Mix the sauerkraut and the mushroom paste in a pan and heat it up, make sure its well combined.

4. Spread the filling on each crepe, fold the sides and roll it.

5. On one plate beat the egg gently with the milk, use another plate for the breadcrumbs. dip each crepe in egg wash then in the breadcrumbs.

6. When you have all your crepes ready fry them on a bit of butter on medium heat on all sides until golden. They will burn fast if the heat is too high, serve warm. 

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