Thursday, November 5, 2015


Reading is very important to me and I try to encourage my children to read more. I remember spending lots of time with my older daughter, now 14, with books and around books and now she loves to read. My younger one (8 years old) is a different story, she loves comic books which is something totally new to me, she read many like the Ninja Turtles, Amulet, Jellaby and Legends of Zita the space girl but she often expresses that she doesn't like to read, perhaps I didn't spend enough time reading with her when she was little. When it comes to my reading I just can't find the time, when I read before bed I simply fall a sleep with the book. The past few weeks we fell way behind with our books, my older one is reading the second part of Maze runner for a long time now, my is the Happiness Project and my little one is not reading anything, so I decided that change is in order. We will get ready for bed one hour earlier and spend the time with books, all together cuddled up in bed in pajamas read out loud one story or quietly with our own books. I also got new book for my younger daughter and its a chapter book with hope that she will like it and to get her started I will read to her before bed and maybe she will want to read every other chapter.  


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